Self Esteem

A young prince was kidnapped by willful kinsmen. The kidnappers bound him and took him away to a tribal village in a remote area, far far away from his own territory.

In an effort to defile him physically, mentally and morally, they performed inhuman atrocities on his body and mind. They kept him in the company of youngsters who breathed abuses into each word they uttered. They gave him aphrodisiac food to eat. They made women of low character wait upon him …. He was constantly exposed to dishonesty, dishonour, distrust and every foul thing you could think of.

He was never allowed to pray or to seek the company of a good person. He was sad no doubt, but he did not break.

After a year, the kidnappers realized that they were not succeeding in their mission, for the boy seemed to be like a rock. Then they questioned him. He said, “It is only a man who knows not what he is meant to do, that falls prey to all you have offered to me. These sensuous pleasures are attractive to one who is a servant of his senses. I am not a servant of my senses. I am their master. I command my senses, I am not their slave. One who does not know the direction of his life would embrace these things happily. But, these are definitely not for me, because I was born to be an emperor!”

If we decide to do something, we surely can do it. If only we say to ourselves, “I can do it, because I know I can. I know I can, because I have to. I have to, so I am going to enjoy doing it. I am going to enjoy doing it because it is what is RIGHT”. A person who has faith in himself, who holds himself in high esteem, is a formidable force to reckon with.

Faith can move mountains. Faith in oneself can see you through anything. Faith in oneself comes from inner strength, good upbringing and communion with God. Parents, by giving a good upbringing and teaching awareness of God can help their children to build inner strength and self esteem.