Smart Move!

Smart Move!

Grandfather had just died a few days back. The grandchildren were to be given the family jewels. Each one’s share was ear marked to perfection. One of the grandsons was handed over a pouch of twenty green emeralds that was assigned to his name. The man took the emeralds to a jeweller and asked him to make him a necklace for his wife. The jeweller took one look at the stones and knew that they were very valuable. He took them in his palm and counted them. While doing so he swiftly let one slip into his sleeve. He said, “There are nineteen gems.”

The man noticed everything. He said, “Let me count them too. So, while counting he slipped one into his lap and handed them back to the jeweller saying, “Yes they are indeed nineteen. I thought they were twenty though, I wonder …”

So the order was placed for an emerald necklace with nineteen stones in it. The man was told that he could collect it after three days. When the jeweller started making the necklace, he realised that there were only eighteen stones. He was stumped. He knew that the man had counted them right there and there were nineteen.

So what was the solution? Yes! The jeweller had to put in the first stone that he had so cleverly swindled; there was no alternative!

Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns! Sometimes you have to answer in the same language as the one the other understands. Presence of mind and common sense are life skills that we must all develop. While it is wrong to wrong somebody; and it is equally wrong to sit quiet, if someone wrongs you. Don’t let the world make a fool of you!

Here is another anecdote that is also about a smart move. Read on …

A highway restaurant in Goa was called, “The Coconut Retreat.” It had been there for many years, but business was meagre and as the years passed it was declining steadily. The owner was affable; the ambience was cordial; the coconut plantation was neat, clean and healthy; the prices were reasonable but business just wouldn’t pick up.

The dejected owner made a drastic change just as a fluke. He changed the name to “AINAM YRREBWARTS” and put up a board outside that said –
1. Useless ambience
2. Exorbitant rates
3. Untidy and messy
Come in at your own risk!

Every customer, especially youngsters want to experiment with the unconventional. All of them stared at the board, smiled; giggled and said, “Let’s try this . . . . It looks different!” The owner just added a strawberry drink as a free welcome drink and business picked up. Soon the place was abuzz.

A little innovation goes a long way. Presence of mind and quick action is the key. Making the right move at the right time is what matters. If we are not able to react quickly to situations suchlike, we shall miss the bus.