Space Research

Space Research

A senior scientist was doing space research. He had a group of young scientists to assist him. For his research, he needed a big piece of land a little far away from the city. He along with one of his students called Abdul, approached the Municipal Officer concerned and put in a request for allotment of land for scientific research. The first response was, “No!” The officer explained that the land that they were asking for was home to a number of fishermen. In addition there was a church on that land. It would not be possible to give it. The scientist requested the officer with a smile saying, “Officer, perhaps we could request the church management, if they could shift to another suitable place.” Ironically, the officer smiled and said, “Well, you could ask Father Peter Peirera. Try your luck!” So, the scientist and his students went to request Father Peter Peirera, who was in charge of the church. Father said, “Well scientific research is much required for our country. But this is God’s home. This church belongs to the people. I shall have to ask them.”

The following Sunday, after the service was over, Father Peter Peirera addressed the gathering and conveyed the request of the scientists. Then he asked, “Well! Can we give them the church for the benefit of our country?”

Slowly, very slowly, the people started saying ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’, till the entire crowed agreed unanimously to give up their place of worship, for a nationalistic cause. Another space was allotted and a new church was built for Father Peter Peirera and his people.

As for the old church, it was used as a workshop for the research programme by the scientist and his team. Abdul made his first rocket there. Incidentally, the scientists name was Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. And Abdul…. is none other than Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India! All that, thanks to the large heartedness and vision of a nationalist called Father Peter Peirera.

Bhagwan Baba says, “Love your country so that it may become strong, happy and prosperous; an arena for the exercise of all the higher faculties of man.”

Few would know that, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam after taking over as the President of India sent his two months salary to Bhagwan Baba. The President sent his salary with a note praying, “Kindly accept this Bhagwan. I am a bachelor so I don’t need this money.” Bhagwan Baba did not take the money nor did he return it; neither did he remit it to the Central Trust Account. He immediately deposited the money in fixed deposit in the bank and a gold medal was instituted to be purchased from the interest accrued on the Two Lac of Rupees that was deposited. The Sathya Sai University gives this gold medal each year to a deserving student.