Spiritual Practice!

A great sage once fell in with a gang of atheists. They crowded around him and piled him with impertinent queries and insisted that he must show them the God in whom he believed. The sage promised to do so, but, asked for some milk, before he could demonstrate God.

The vessel of milk was brought; he sat silent for a long while, stirring the milk with his finger. The crowd got exasperated at the delay and at his silence. They asked him what he was at; he replied that he was only trying to find out where the butter was, top, middle or bottom? The crowd shouted that it was everywhere, in every drop of milk and that he could see it only when the preliminary process of churning was done.

Then, the sage answered, “Well, the Lord too is imminent in every atom of this Universe. He can be perceived and experienced only after the preliminary exercises. God can be known only by experience and not by experiments. And for this spiritual practice is necessary.