Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach Safely

Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach Safely

It was the month of March – the start of a new academic year in school. Two young boys, Vijay and Akshay studied in the same class and both wanted to become doctors! Vijay knew – that a lot of hard work would be needed to make his dream a reality. So, from day one, he used to concentrate in class. When he would come home, he would rest a little, play a little and study what he had learnt in class that day, before going to bed.

Akshay was an ambitious boy who wanted to become the World’s Best Doctor. However, he was lazy and did not want to study hard to achieve his ambition. He hoped that if he prayed hard enough, God would fulfill his prayer.

One night, God appeared in Akshay’s dream. When Akshay told him what he desired, God replied, “Well, Akshay, that is easy. You are healthy and bright. If you study well, you shall surely succeed.” Akshay who was stubborn, was disappointed that God had not answered his prayer. The year flew past and it was time for the exams. Vijay performed extremely well in all his papers. Akshay, on the other hand, could not perform well enough.

The next day, when Akshay was standing by the seaside, Akshay saw an old man throwing small pebbles in the Sea. On asking him what he was doing, the old man replied, “I want to build a bridge.” On hearing this Akshay started to laugh and asked him, “how can you build a bridge here by merely throwing small pebbles in the sea?” The old man turned around and asked Akshay, “Why not? If you can become the World’s Best Doctor, without studying much, why can’t I make a bridge by throwing small pebbles in the Sea?”

Study To Become Steady