Strength And Skill!

A devotee of Hanuman was once driving a cartload of grain to the market. On the way, the wheel got stuck and the card could not be drawn forward by the bullocks. The cart slanted too far to one side and the bags fell on the ground. The devotee sat on the ground and started praying to Hanuman. He finished reciting the Stotras, the 108 names of the Divine and even the 1008 names. The cart did not regain balance.

He began to blame Hanuman and started reviling Him for not coming to his rescue. Hanuman appeared and took him to task. “Foolish fellow; instead of applying all your strength on the job, you have reviled Me, for not doing what is really your task. Come on, put your shoulder to the wheel; engage in karma (action); contribute individual effort.

This is no ordinary story; Agni is the presiding deity of vaak (speech) and so it tells us that speech has to be humble, that it derives its power only from the basic Universal Principle. Vaayu is Pran (the vital air); Indra is buddhi (the intellect).

Though not even the smallest success can be won without God’s grace, we should not sit with folded hands believing that a thing will accomplish itself if and when God wills. Human effort is essential, and everyone must put in sincere work. You must use the strength and skill that you are endowed with, and resolve to proceed with the task, laying the responsibility for success on God.

The fault lies in the belief that things happen as a result of human effort, planning, intelligence and care. No one can succeed in any venture without Divine Grace. It is God’s plan that is being worked out through man but, man prides himself that he has worked for it.

Human effort and god’s grace are both equally important. These are like the positive and negative wires through which the current flows!

You must use all the talents awarded to you in a prayerful and humble mood. Until then, you have no right to seek the help of the Lord, His intervention.