Take Care Of Your Sense Organs

A teacher was discussing the sense organs of the human body with a class of ten year olds. She told them that man possesses five sense organs namely, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue and the skin. These organs are also called the organs of perception. She told them about what wonderful gifts these organs are to us from God and how we must take care of these delicate organs.

The following day she gave them a little test. There was only one question. It read as: How can you take care of your sense organs?
Most of the children gave answers like –
1 By keeping them clean and bathing every day.
2 By washing our sense organs and thus keeping them free from disease.
3 By using cotton buds to clean the ears and nose and splashing the eyes with water. Brushing our teeth and cleaning the tongue.
There was one answer sheet that was different from the rest.
This is what little Raima had written, “We can take care of our sense organs by keeping them clean. We must be very careful that we feed them only the right kind of food.
The eyes must be fed only pure and good sights. Any violent or obscene material should not be fed to it.
The ears must be made to hear only good things. We should not expose them to scandal, evil talk and idle and meaningless gossip.
The nose should not be made to breathe polluted air nor should it be exposed to aromas that make us greedy or lazy.
The tongue should be fed only pure food. It should not be allowed to indulge in excessive talk, gossip, back biting, lying or abusing others. The tongue plays a great role in making or breaking the reputation of a man.
The skin should be kept clean and free from infections.
The teacher was stunned. The insight and ability to look beyond what meets the eye is surely not there in us all. Little children are pure hearts. Sometimes they teach us what years of education fail to.
Let us give this another dimension. Our shopping centers are loaded with cosmetic and medicinal products for the care of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the skin.

Food like obscenity, scandal, gossip etc is also freely floating in the air. There is no dearth of these. But if we want to really feed the right things to our precious organs of perception we have to go in search of such food. Television, Baba says is Tele-poison. It has played a great role in polluting the tender minds of our children. The TV serials that are being aired are all about tensions, jealousy, back biting, hatred and envy. Our news papers are only full of bad news. There seems to be no good news around.

Dear Reader, if you are a parent, try to feed the right kind of food to your child. As the food, so the child shall turn out to be, for we are what we eat!
It’s never too late. Start now! India seems to be habitually aping the west. Strangely the westerners seem to be attracted towards Indian culture! Baba says, “Let us not revel as beggars before the fashion fabricators of other lands, the ism- peddlers of other countries and the hysterics of other cultures.”