Take Them Both To Heaven

Take Them Both To Heaven

There was a very pious and rich man who spent a lot of time in praying and doing good deeds. He would donate money to charitable organizations and to orphanages. He led a simple and organized life that focused majorly on God. One day he was traveling to another town by car. It was late in the night and the driver was driving very fast. The highway was quite deserted and as the car sped forward on its route. The owner dozed off.

Perhaps the driver was drowsy or destiny was to play its role, the car had a head-on collision with a speeding truck. The driver and the master both died on the spot.

Both of them were brought before God. God smiled kindly at the driver but did not even glance towards the master. God said to his attendant, “Take them both to heaven.”

The master was extremely upset and resisted the guiding hand of the attendant saying, “God, please listen to me. I have never done anything bad in my life. I spent hours and hours in meditation. Why did you not even look my way? My driver spent all his time in work. He never took out time to go to the temple or to pray. He didn’t even spare a penny for a beggar. And yet, you order both of us to Heaven together!”

God replied, “My child, I am not oblivious of all the good deeds you have performed while you were alive. That is why I am sending you to Heaven.” The man said, “But Lord, my driver… What did he do to accord such a VIP treatment and such a warm welcome?”

Then God smiled and said, “You my son, always beheld me in awe. You prayed to me as if I were just a guardian and a trouble shooter. You never loved me, you never felt me in your heart. Your driver felt that I was always with him, through happy times as well as sad. He shared his best and worst moments with me. He loved me, so I have to love him in return! He treated me like a friend so I have to treat him like one too!”