Tests Of Devotion!

One evening Lord Krishna took Arjuna far out of Dwaraka City and while they were alone together, He pointed at a bird flying over their head and asked him “Arjuna, isn’t that a dove?” Arjuna agreed; he said it was a dove. Suddenly, Krishna turned towards him and said, “No, it is a crow.” Arjuna concurred and said, “I am sorry, it certainly is a crow.” Immediately, Krishna asked him, “A crow, no, it must be a kite. Is it not so?” and Arjuna promptly agreed. “Yes. It is a kite.”

At this, Krishna smiled and asked Arjuna, “Are you in your senses? What exactly do you see? Why you say, of the same bird, it is a dove, it must be a crow and it is a kite?” Arjuna said, “Who am I to dispute your statement? You can make it a crow even if it is not one, or, change it into a kite.

I have found that the safest thing is to agree with you, in full faith. I know of no other course.” It was only after this test, for unflinching faith that Krishna assured himself of the credentials of Arjuna to receive the Gita advice.

You should face all the difficulties as tests of God. A devotee should welcome troubles which are the tests of his devotion and faith. How do you expect a student to be promoted to the next higher class without facing a test? Otherwise, he remains in the same grade? Frequent tests mean repeated opportunities for promotion.

If there is a big time lag between tests, it only means that promotion is not possible for a long time. One must face the obstacles in one’s Sadhana in this spirit and try to overcome them.