Thank God, It Fits

Women on the wrong side of thirty, usually find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that a woman’s body is like an hourglass … as time passes, all the weight shifts to the bottom! Well! When it’s time to say goodbye to the thirties, it’s with difficulty that a lady can say, “I’m forty.”….Somehow at that age, your age is really important or would it be more proper to say that it’s really important to hide your age.

Cosmetic manufacturers, the world over are having a rendezvous with the emotions of the not-so-young fair sex of today. Garment manufacturers too are designing dangerously revealing clothes to arouse the wilder instincts inherent in men and women.

Well, a lady with a non-so-perfect figure was trying on one skimpy T-shirt after another in the try-room of a swanky garment store. She eyed her image in the mirror disgustedly as her belly-button made an unwelcome appearance from the diminishing hemline of the shirt.

The next one she tried on was a pretty pink, but its gaping neckline did not give discount to her full and motherly figure. She flung it off to try a powder blue sports shirt. But alas! Its generous arm holes showed off her sagging biceps to a disadvantage. One after the other, she flung off T-shirts to join the mounting heap, on the floor of the try-room. The sales-girl smiled sweetly and said, “Oh! That looks cool, ma’am it goes so well your skin!” “Sure,” said the lady sourly, “It almost goes under my skin. It fits me like a surgeon’s glove. I wonder how I’ll get out of it! Nothing fits me well. I’m sick of the whole affair. I think I’ll have to try the men’s section. Perhaps something there will fit me.”

She moved to the men’s section dispiritedly. Her husband had selected a couple of things for himself. He looked up brightly as she entered and said, “Hi Honey! So, did you find something nice for yourself?”

“Nothing fits,” she said hopelessly, fighting back her tears. “Well! We’ll just have to try another place,” he said cheerfully, putting his arm casually around her waist.

“Thank God, this still fits!” she thought as she held his arm to hold her closer.

As they walked out of the store together, she smiled at him happily and thought, “Thank you God, for this blessing. I am lucky to have a man to who loves me just as he did when we got married regardless of the change in my size.”

It’s not so important to be beautiful. It’s important to be a beautiful person. If you can look into the eyes of your spouse at any age and still find love there, you are indeed blessed!