The Best Medicine

The Best Medicine

A young boy was feeling sad and depressed. He was always unduly quiet and reserved. He never wanted to play or be with friends. All he wanted to do was, to sit alone and sulk.

One day his mother took him to a physician. She explained the problem to him at length. She was worried that her son was getting into depression. The doctor examined the boy and found everything to be in order. To satisfy the mother, he prescribed some medication. What he had actually given was multivitamins. The physician took the mother aside and said, “Madam, I have given the boy a prescription for the ailment. But the most important thing he needs is love. Give him as much love as you can. That’s the best medicine for him. I assure you he will be as good as new.”

The worried lady asked, “What if it doesn’t work?”

The physician smiled.

“Just double the dose!” he said.