The Best Tea

The Best Tea

A group of elderly gentlemen were at a tea sampling meet. The choicest varieties of tea were being served in small portions. Most of the teas were of exotic flavours and very expensive.

The distinguished looking gentlemen wore designer suits, tuxedos or kurtas. Most of them were platinum blondes. Their expensive spectacles oozed class. Their clothes were ironed such that the creases could draw blood. Their shoes shone such that you could use them in place of a mirror, to groom that unruly strand of hair tickling your face! Some of them spoke heavily accented English, while others chose to speak in chaste Hindi.

One thing was common amongst them. They all had style! They were a class apart!

The afternoon moved at snail’s pace as several rounds of tea were served at leisure. There were no hurries and no worries! Some teas were served green, some black, others with milk and sweeteners. Some were flavoured with cinnamon; cardamom; ginger and other exotic ones with raspberry and blueberry too.

There was an array of sweeteners too … one could choose from brown demerara, white sugar, stevia, honey, artificial sweeteners and good old molasses too! The small eats had dry fruits, sweets and savouries of every kind one could think of. Too make it short one was spoilt for choice …

Towards the end of the tea tasting session; and after many rounds of applause, the organiser of the meet who owned acres and acres of tea gardens said, “Gentlemen, now I shall be serving something which we have never served before in such a gathering. It is something which we have kept exclusively for ourselves. After much contemplation and debate, we have decided to share the flavour that we have held close to our hearts for decades. Please enjoy.”

In the finest of porcelain cups was served small quantities of tea brewed with milk and sugar. Everyone drank it to the last drop. It tasted like ambrosia!”

The host waited till everyone had finished bottoms up. He then said, “Did you like it my friends?” There was intense clapping from all. He said, “This is what we serve to our farm hands. This is the cup of tea I enjoy most in the company of my workers!”

Truly it’s the simplest things in life that are the best. They generally don’t cost much. And they are easy to get too.

Think about this –

Despite so many colours – black and white are the classiest.
Despite so many cosmetics – a smile is all you need to look good.
Despite so many tourist spots – the best place to relax is at home.
Despite so many fancy fabrics – nothing beats cotton.
Despite so many drinks available – water is still the best to quench thirst.
Despite so much talk about fashion-simplicity is most appealing.
Despite so much to surf on the Internet – Surfing the inner net is most soothing!