The Best Wife!

The Best Wife!

“The lentil dish must have just enough salt to make it tasty. Do not spoil the dish by adding too much salt. Similarly, life becomes difficult to bear when you put into it too much ‘desire’. Limit your desires to your capacity, and have only those that will grant lasting joy.” – Bhagwan Baba.

It is said that once when Krishna was having a meal with his family, Narada thought of playing a prank to have some fun.

He asked Krishna, “Krishna, you have so many wives; who is your favourite?”

The question raised many eyebrows and put many at unease. It was pretty much known that Rukmini was Krishna’s favourite wife, but even Krishna was too embarrassed to spell it out. Rukmini too was worried, about how Krishna would handle this. Krishna looked around and smiled, saying that each of his wives was very dear to him and he loved them all. But Narada, true to his nature, did not give in so easily and prodded further.

So, slowly Krishna looked at all the delectable dishes lying in front of Him and said, “I like all of these. I can’t choose a favourite one out of these, so how can I choose a favourite wife?” But Narada, pestered him gleefully.

Then Krishna said, “Jambhvati is like the pure ghee in the food.” He described some other wives comparing them to some things on the table and then paused to say “Satya Bhama is like the sweet desert.” Krishna mused over the issue carefully avoiding Rukmini’s name. But Narada was too smart and asked unashamedly, “What about Rukmini?”

Krishna took a deep breath and said, “Rukmini is like salt.” He then got up and everyone dispersed for the day. Rukmini was very upset. All day long, Krishna’s words “Rukmini is like salt! Salt! Salt!” kept echoing in her ears.

At dusk when everyone sat down to have their evening meal, there was an uncomfortable silence. Rukmini, sat at the far end, as far from Krishna as she could, her eyes cast downwards.

As the food was served to all, they looked at each other questioningly. Something was wrong with the food something was missing the food was bland and tasteless there was no salt in it!”

Krishna looked at Rukmini, straight in the eyes and smiled, such that her heart turned over in her breast! Everyone knew then! Rukmini! Salt! Oh Lord!

The cook smiled as he realised that Krishna had just put everyone into their places, by one little instruction to the cook yes, the Lord has His ways.