The Boxes

The Boxes

Raj had just received two boxes from Papa as a Christmas gift. One was pure white, engraved with gold and studded with precious stones. The other one was black.

Full of excitement, he opened the white box first and was surprised to see that it was empty. Raj looked up at his father questioningly. Father said, “That is for you to collect your joys and count your blessings, my child.”

Confused, he proceeded to open the black box. He was further surprised to see that this one was empty too. He was even more surprised to see that it had a hole in its bottom. He asked, “Papa, why did you give me a box with a hole?” Papa replied, “My son, this box is meant to collect your sorrows” “And the hole?” asked the little boy. “That is for them to fall out!” replied father.

Raj took his father rather seriously. Whenever he had a problem he would write it on a piece of paper; open the black box and put the problem into it. Soon the problem would disappear from his life. He also remembered to put all his blessings on paper and put the slips into the white box. All through his life, Raj treasured those boxes.

Such was his faith in God and in the word of his father, that the boxes became an integral part of his life. He would talk to them as if they were alive. They were confidantes of his inner most secrets. Understandably, the white box became heavier and heavier and the black one remained light as ever.

If we think about it, each one of us has been given two boxes by the Lord. As we go through the vagaries of life, the white box becomes heavier and heavier, but the black one feels just as light as it always was because there is no problem that retains its seriousness forever.

Count your blessings and treasure them as your most valuable possession. Remember never to plug the hole in the black box, it is meant to be there. Just surrender everything to Him. Let God be in command, for He alone knows how to turn sorrows into joy. He alone knows what to give and what to take, what to make and what to break.

Here is a simple mantra. If you Surrender Unto Creator and Commander for Everything Secure or Shambled; SUCCESS shall surely be yours.