The Broken Idol!

One day the leg of an idol of Sri Krishna of the Krishna temple at Dakshineswar was broken. Rani Rasmayi, who was a great devotee of Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa, came to know about it. She consulted scholars about the action to be taken. Those scholars said that a broken idol was not fit to be worshipped and therefore a new idol must be installed in its place.

She did not think it wise to do it without Rama Krishna’s knowledge, and so she went and told him about it. “Oh mother! Will your daughter marry another person if your son-in-law’s leg was to break! Or will she endeavour to mend it!” said Rama Krishna Rasmani, bowed her head down. He further said, “It is enough if the idol is repaired and painted afresh. I will do it myself. Worship carries any meaning if only they consider the idols and images as real living beings” he said.