The Desires!

Once a great Maharaja (ruler) held a big exhibition of paintings and art products. The finest works of Art were on display. The exhibition was open to one and all. The Maharaja announced that anyone could walk in and take away whatever one liked.

Large numbers of men and women went to the exhibition and took back with them whatever they fancied. Among them was a lady. She saw everything in the exhibition. She came out through the main door without taking anything with her. The Maharaja noticed that of all the persons visiting the exhibition she was the only one to come out empty-handed. He was curious to know what the reason for this was.

He asked the lady: “How is it you have found nothing to interest you in the exhibition? There are so many attractive things on display. Was there nothing that pleased you?”

She replied: “There are innumerable desirable things in the exhibition.” The Maharaja asked: “But was there nothing which you wanted?” “No,” she said. The Maharaja said, “If that is so, tell me what you desire and I shall give it to you.” She said: “Maharaja, will you promise to give me what I want? Is your offer genuine? Will you keep your word?” “Certainly,” replied the Maharaja. “If that is so, I want only you”, said the lady. True to his word the Maharaja surrendered himself to her. When the Maharaja himself became hers, all that was in the exhibition also became hers.

Man wants the gift, not the giver; the created, not the creator; things from the hand, not the hand.