The Doubt Brought The End

The Doubt Brought The End

There is a story of a cliffhanger, determined to reach the summit of a high mountain. After years of preparation, he began his adventure. Only he journeyed alone, because he wanted all the glory.

He began his ascent, and as daylight faded he decided to continue climbing. The night fell and soon he was overcome by total darkness. The moon and the stars were hidden behind the clouds. There was zero visibility. He was only a few meters away from the summit when he slipped while trying to climb a ridge and fell off, falling at frightening speed. While falling he could only see shadow like figures in the darkness and felt the tug of gravity sucking him down. In those anguishing moments he saw his life pass before his eye. He thought death was near when suddenly he felt the tightening of the rope around his waist that tied him to a nail embedded in the rock wall of the mountain. In desperation, suspended in mid-air he screams. “God, please help me!”

Then unexpectedly a deep voice from heaven responds: “What would you have me do?”

– Save me!
– Do you really think I can save you?
– Of course my Lord!
-Well then, cut the rope.

There was a moment of silence! Then the man tightened the rope around his waist all the more tighter! The mountain rescue team tells a story of a man they found frozen to death, his body wrapped firmly around a rope tied to his waist. Hanging two feet from the ground!

The story conveys two messages:
Firstly, that our faith in God should be unshakeable and we should blindly follow the inner voice or the voice of God.
Secondly, when God extends a hand to us, we should immediately clasp it. Instead we tie ourselves more tightly to our worldly connections. Unless we cut the rope to our worldly contacts, God can not and will not embrace us in his arms.