The Eternal Protector

A dark street in a small town in India was notorious for being frequented by looters, muggers and rapists. Ruma was to cross this street at 9.00 pm tonight. Holding her heart in her mouth, she entered the first stretch, with cold feet, fearing the worst. Praying to her Lord she begged for protection. With bated breath she spotted two shady looking charecters in the shadows, but to her utter amazement and relief they steered clear of her.

In the morning, on the next day a news item in the local newspaper caught her eye.‘Two men caught raping a sixteen year old at 9.30 p.m. on ….’ During the questioning of the accused, Ruma expressed a wish to meet them. She asked them, why they had spared her just half an hour before, while she had crossed the same alley. They said, “Maam, alongside you, walked two burly men armed with swords. How could we dare to come near you? They were protecting you all along till you had crossed the street!”

One who chooses to seek protection from the eternal protector, never remains unprotected.