The Four Doctors

The Four Doctors

There was a Hakim who was very wise. All the people of his village came to him whenever they were ill. He seemed to know about every herb and its uses. He was always able to find simple home remedies for all kinds of illnesses. He was for all practical purposes the health keeper of all the villagers and also of some people in the neighbouring villages.

But as per the law of nature, everyone has to grow old and all good things must come to an end. The hakim had grown very old and lay in his bed, quite weak and almost motionless. Some of the people gathered around, started to cry, “Please get well; who will look after us? We shall surely die, without you!”

The hakim smiled weakly and said, “I am old and weak, it is time for me to go now.” The villagers exclaimed, “But, who will look after us after you are gone?”

The hakim said, “Four doctors shall look after you. But you must promise me that you shall follow their word diligently.” He continued,
“The first doctor’s command is – Early to bed and early to rise.
The second doctor says – Exercise daily.
The third doctor advises – Bathe and clean your body daily.
The fourth doctor tells us – Eat only when you are hungry.

If you follow the dictates of these four doctors, you shall never fall sick. Having given his last counsel, the wise Hakim passed away.

Simple living is healthy living. We tend to be vulnerable to the tentacles of the so called modern living. Even the west, which we usually tend to ape, is now coming round to living in harmony with nature. India has always been the leader in the holistic and yogic way of living. It’s time to wake up and realize that simple living and high thinking is really the right way to live.