The Last Job (The Carpenter)

There was a carpenter, who had spent his life in working diligently, for his master. He was very skilled and efficient at his work. His master always praised him, for being a good worker. One day he decided, that he had worked long enough, so he should take retirement; when he voiced his thoughts to his master, the master tried to dissuade him from taking this decision. But, he had made up his mind. So he refused to concede. So the master gave up and said, “All right, you may go, but as a favour to me, please make one last house for me, before you finally lay down your tools.” Seeing that the master was upset, he agreed to do the last job assigned to him.

He worked on the doors and windows, but his heart was not in his work. He worked hastily and carelessly, so, the end result was nowhere near perfect. A shabby piece of work was presented to the master. The master did not even glance twice at the sloppy work; he simply locked the house and handed the key over to the carpenter. “My gift, to you,” he said softly.

The carpenter was dumbfounded. If only he had known, that this was to be his own house, he would have worked better on it. The shabby looking hinges and panels stared at him sorrowfully. But it was too late! The work could not be undone!

…. This makes me wonder if we ever stop to think of the house, we are building for ourselves. Each deed or misdeed of ours is a brick in the house that we are building for ourselves. The end result of all our actions would surely determine the kind of home, God is going to give us. Or would He grant us a place in His own home?