The Life Like Painting

The Life Like Painting

A portrait painter was well renowned for his work. It was a status symbol to have your portrait painted by him. The rich and elite of the city were always in queue to get their portraits done by this talented man.

Mrs Gainworthy had ordered a portrait of herself. When it was ready, she went to see it, accompanied by her pet dog, who was the darling of her life. The artist showed her the painting with pride. She said to her dog, “Pepper baby look at that portrait of me. Do you like it? Shall we take it home, sweetheart?” The dog couldn’t care less. He just looked the other way. The lady tried her best to cajole the dog to look at the painting, but she didn’t get success. Mrs Gainworthy said angrily, “My Pepper doesn’t recognize my picture. It’s lousy. It doesn’t look like me. I don’t want it.” She shook her head haughtily and turned around to leave.

The artist was well versed with the idiosyncrasies of the moneyed. He just smiled and said, “Mrs Gainworthy, it is my duty to satisfy you, I mean your dog completely. Give me a day, I shall work upon the painting and shall make it absolutely lifelike, trust me.” The lady said arrogantly, “Alright, I shall come again tomorrow, but see that I shall not pay you a penny if Pepper doesn’t recognize it as my picture.” “Sure Madam. Please come back tomorrow and remember to bring Pepper with you.”

The following day the dog walked into the artist’s studio with Mrs Gainworthy in tow! The moment the artist unveiled the portrait, the dog ran to it and raised itself on its hind legs to paw the picture excitedly. The dog licked it and wagged its tail happily.

The lady broke into a broad smile, “Oh! I love it now! It’s fabulous. It is so life like. I can’t wait to show it to my friends. What an amazingly talented man you are!” The artist packed the portrait and relieved Mrs. Gainworthy of a neat sum of money! She walked away proudly clutching the portrait.

The artist meanwhile, laughed heartily as he disposed off a large chunk of raw meat; the one he had just used to rub the painting with, from top to bottom!
What an absolute fool the artist had made of the lady! Or would it be more appropriate to say, what an absolute fool the lady had made of herself! Advice should be taken from one who is capable of giving it. If you don’t have confidence on your own judgment, someone is sure to make a fool out of you.