The Lion And The Dolphin

Roaming along the seashore, a lion saw a dolphin basking on the surface of the water. He suggested to him that they form an alliance.

“Since I am king of the beasts,” said the lion, “And you are the undisputed ruler of all the residents of the ocean, we ought to be great friends and allies, if possible.”

The dolphin agreed to this proposal. Not long after this, the lion was having a fight with a wild bull. He shouted out to the dolphin for his promised support. The dolphin was ready to help the lion, but he realised that he could not come out of the sea to help his ally. The lion called him a traitor.

“Don’t blame me,” responded the dolphin. “Blame my nature. No matter how powerful I am in the sea, my nature makes me helpless on land.”

Friendship is usually successful between equals. Choose allies, who are not just willing to help, but also have the power to do so.