The Little Angel

The Little Angel

A charitable organization was constructing a temple. Rich people donated generously. The marble tiles to be put were being auctioned. You could donate Rs.1000/- for getting your name inscribed on at large tile. To get your name engraved on a smaller tile you had to pay Rs.500/- There were yet smaller tiles for lesser prices. Many people gave donations in thousands and earned the pleasure of having their names engraved on the marble slabs.

A little girl saved her weekly pocket money of Rs.5/- and saved Rs.45/-. She asked her father to give her a loan of Rs.55/-. He asked her why she needed it. She said, “Father, I prayed to God to give us a house of our own. He told me that His house was my house. So I want to contribute to the building of the temple, please lend me this money.”

The father smiled and said, “All right young lady, but this is not a loan, it’s my contribution, can I also share your home with your Lord?” The girl ran off gleefully and handed over the money to the cashier. He said, “Little girl, the minimum contribution we are accepting is Rs.101/-. I’m afraid you’ll have to get another rupee.”

The girl’s eyes filled with tears, she didn’t want to run all the way home and she was also afraid that father may refuse to give the money to her. She hung her head to hide her eyes and sat down, under the Banyan tree thinking what to do. Just then, a beggar came and asked her for alms. She was totally dejected and thought, “Oh Lord! You have refused to accept my money, so I shall give it to this beggar.” She quietly, put the hundred rupees into the outstretched hand.

The beggar’s eyes widened, in amazement. He held tightly, the money she had given him. He rushed to the temple cashier and gave the money to him. He eagerly drew out a shiny one rupee coin from his pocket and said, “Sir, you refused earlier to accept my donation of one rupee, but God sent this money to me. Please take it now, as it is what you asked for.”

The cashier looked at the beggar curiously and asked, “What name do you want the receipt in?” The beggar looked back at the little girl and said, “An Angel!”

It does not matter how much you can give; what matters is how you give it.