The Miser Needled!

Guru Nanak knew of a certain rich miser Dhuni Chand, who only lived to hoard. He once gave the latter a needle.

“A needle, my Lord!” the rich man was puzzled. “What do I do with this?”

“Oh, keep it safely and return it to me when you meet me in heaven,” said Guru Nanak very casually.

“How, my Lord, how? Surely I am not going to carry this needle there.”

“That is it, my son, that is it. Then why accumulate wealth, instead of using it for the good of others?”

Truly, none of us can carry even a miniscule portion of our worldly possession with us beyond this life time. The only wealth that we can carry along is that of ‘good karma’.

Work upon accumulating the wealth that goes with you beyond the realms of life. The rest is all material and shall be left back in this material world.