The Monk’S Courage!

A long time ago, in Tibet, an army was invading the country. People were leaving their villages long before the armies arrived because they had heard of their awful reputation for violence and killing, especially the General.

The army arrived in a small village and just like in all the other little villages, it was apparently deserted except, there was a little monk just sitting there meditating.

When he was found, the General was alerted and was furious. He demanded to see the monk. He looked at the monk and said, “Do you not know who I am? I can cut off your head with this sword without batting an eye.”

The monk replied smiling, “Do you not know who I am sir?” and paused, “I am the one who can have his head cut off without batting an eye.”

Apparently the General was so taken aback and humbled that he bowed and left the monk alone.