The Night Light

An old couple was building a small house for themselves. All their lives they had spent on their children’s upbringing. Now they had discharged all their liabilities, so they decided to build a small cottage for themselves.

One bright sunny day they set out to buy light fittings for their dream house. The salesman showed them a lovely chandelier for the drawing room. It was made of crystal and had candle bulbs in it. It was delicate and beautiful. But it was expensive. After much contemplation they decided to buy it. They selected some simple fittings for the kitchen and the bathrooms. They indulged themselves with a lovely set of bed side lamps for their bedroom. They then proceeded with the porch lights and the garden lights. Finally every thing was finalized and the order was placed.

As the old man was about to sign the cheque for the total amount, the salesman said, “Sir, you have not taken a look at our range of ‘the most important light’ for your house.” The old man raised his eyebrows, as the salesman led him to a corner where there was a delightful array of night lights. Well, they selected a simple and inexpensive one and made their way home.

When the house was ready, they moved in. As they were about to settle down into their cosy bed for the night, the lady switched on the night light.

Soon they slept. At midnight the old man woke to answer nature’s call. He got up and was pleasantly surprised to note that the light emitted by the tiny night bulb was enough for him to find his way to the washroom without any apprehension. He silently sent a blessing to the salesman who had reminded him to buy what he had tagged, ‘the most important light.’

So too, it is with the small things in life that make the path of our life comfortable and pleasant. They are insignificant and inexpensive, yet most significant and valuable. They are family, love, laughter, kindness, empathy, sacrifice etc. They cost precious little, but they are the most important things in our lives. In fact the most important things in our lives are not actually ‘things’. Let’s not overlook them and start valuing them, lest we have to regret in retrospect for missing out on them.

Your family and friends are like the night light that provides light when all other lights are off!