The Omnipresent God!

An old man was sleeping in a Shiva temple, keeping his feet towards the shiva Linga. The priest saw this and got enraged at this sacrilege; and he held the old man’s legs in order to pull them out. But he could not move them even an inch away. The old man asked him, “Dear, why are you trying to pull my legs?” The priest scolded him saying, “Fie! What sort of a devotee you are! How can you lie down keeping feet towards God? What a sacrilege! Get up, get up.” The old man replied gently, “Dear ! I am not in a position to move my legs. Please move them for my sake and keep them on a place where there is no God.”

The priest used all his strength and moved the feet away. To his surprise, there arose a Shiva Linga. Thus wherever the feet were moved, there arose a Siva Linga. The priest then realized that the old man was not an ordinary person. He fell at his feet and asked for pardon. The old man was none other than the famous Tamil saivite Saint Thiruppandar.

Thiruppandar explained to the priest, “Dear! God is Omnipresent. He should not be considered as confined to particular place only.”