The Perfect Administrator

Once Sage Narada was going along with Lord Vishnu. As they looked down on earth from the heavens, they saw a rich man giving away some cows to poor Brahmins. Lord Vishnu was so happy with his act of charity that He Blessed the man with ten times more wealth. After a while they saw a poor priest. He was an extremely good man and utterly devoted to the Lord but miserably poor; in fact all he had was a cow which gave him some milk which was his sole income. Instead of Blessing him with some wealth, Lord Vishnu who was watching all this, instead, decided to take away his cow as well! He made that cow die! Narada who was watching all this could not contain himself and said to the Lord, “You are very unfair. That rich miser gives away a few cows and you reward him so richly while you are so cruel to this poor man who is so devoted to you; You have taken away his only means of livelihood! I cannot understand You!” To which Lord Vishnu replied with a smile thus. “That rich man has many more births to go before he can reach Me; this priest is all but ready for merger; he has this one attachment – that cow; that is delaying his progress. So I have decided to remove that obstacle.”

God knows exactly what He is doing, He is the Perfect Administrator! Let us accept our lot with folded hands and complete surrender!