The Pundit And The Thugs!

Once a Pundit received a calf in offering. His village was ten kilometres away from the place where he went to perform puja. The three thugs of this village saw the lovely calf and thought of a plot.

As soon as the pundit left the village, the first thug met him and said, “Oh, Pundit Maharaj, what are you doing? You are a pious man and you are carrying a dog alongwith you! This is not good. Throw it away.”

The Pundit laughed and replied, “Oh dear, you have gone mad. It is not a dog. It is a calf. You better go away and do your work.”

After a kilometre, another thug met the pundit and said, “Oh, Punditji! Why are you carrying a dog? It is most unbecoming of you. Cast it away.”

This time the pundit frowned. His confidence in himself was a bit shaken. However, he said, “Young man, don’t disturb me. I’m sure that it is a calf and not a dog. Please leave me alone.”

The pundit walked for one more kilometre. Then the third thug came and said, “Oh pious one! Why does a pure man like you carry a dog. Tch! Tch! What a shame!”

Now the pundit was convinced that he was carrying a dog and threw it away! If you don’t believe in yourself, people will succeed in making a fool of you.