The Satsang Effect

The Satsang Effect

In my childhood I had learnt a song at school about raindrops which said, “… the Brook becomes a river and the river flows for ever till the rain drops come home again upon the salty seas ….”

Man by nature is gregarious and in the game of life too, team effort leads to victory more often than individual effort. Team members are bonded together by Sankirtan, by singing the glory of the Supreme One. By joint efforts we can more easily cross the ocean than by wielding the oars alone. This is the Satsang Effect!

Just as the raindrops came clattering down the rooftops, I heard them talking to one another. Lending a keen ear to the sound of pitter-patter. I heard, Pitter saying to Patter, “Onwards, we go, on our journey to the ocean. It’s a long way and it’s simply impossible for me to reach there alone! Why don’t we join hands!” And Patter exclaimed, “Well, that should be perfect, let’s call Putter and Potter too!”

Lo and behold! They all gathered to form a trickle of water and many such trickles merged to make a stream! Many such streams converged in to form rivulets and then a mighty river! Finally all the raindrops managed to reach the ocean!! Team effort pays!! Only some raindrops are lucky enough to rain straight into the ocean. Most may fall on hills or plains and then the journey starts! Similarly, a single person may or may not be able to make it to the Lord, but when all of us get together, hauling each other along, we can surely make it.

Just as all the rivers merge in the ocean, all the mantras lead to God. On merger, individual identity is lost.