The Science Of Prayer

The Science Of Prayer

Many years ago, a man was traveling by train. He was engrossed in prayer and moved the beads of his rosary meticulously as he silently chanted the name of God in his heart. A young university student seated beside him watched him intently. The over enthusiastic student said, “You do not seem to be uneducated, Sir. Yet you while your time away in prayer! It is surely a waste of time, isn’t it?” The man said, “Is it? I didn’t know that! How do you suggest I pass my time, young man?”

The youngster being a student of science said, “Science is the order of the day. Don’t waste your time in silly things. Take heed to my word. Toss this rosary out of the window right away and take a look into what science has to offer. It shall surely bowl you over.”

The man had tears in his eyes and said simply, “What is this science? I’m afraid, I do not understand. Would you explain it to me?”

The student realized he had hurt the man and thought he should make up for it. He said, “Let me jot down your address. I shall send you some very interesting reading material.”

The man dug into the pocket of his coat and drew out a card. He said, “You can have my business card.” It read: “Louis Pasteur, Director of the Institute of Scientific Research, Paris.”

Many of us today, feel that it is futile to pray. Many think of it as a waste of time. We don’t realize that god has the answers to all those questions to which man does not have answers.

The astonishing progress of science and technology has not brought with it corresponding powers of discrimination and wisdom. Man must realize that the sense organs, through which he explores the external and discovers the powers latent in Nature and the physical universe, function because of the Divinity which is immanent in them. Without the power of the Divine, the eyes cannot see or the ears hear or the mind think!