The Sound Of The Pulse!

The Sound Of The Pulse!

The Sound of the Pulse “Have faith that Truth will save you in the long run; stick to it, regardless of what might befall.” (BHAGWAN BABA)

An ancient Vaidya (natural healer) had acquired mastery over the science of healing by churning the sacred texts. The length and breadth of India had heard of his superior knowledge and understanding of diseases and their cures. A queen heard of this famous Vaidya and decided to prove him to be not as accomplished as he professed to be. She feigned illness and expressed a desire for this Vaidya to be sent for. The king sent for the Vaidya. It was not considered proper in those times for a woman to be examined by a male physician. So the Vaidya was made to sit on one side of a curtain and the queen was made to sit on the other side. The Vaidya passed a thread to the queen, under the curtain and said, “Your Excellency, please tie this thread around your wrist, so that I can hear the sound of your pulse.” He plugged the other end of the string to his ear.

Just in order to prove the Vaidya wrong, the mischievous queen tied the string to the paw of her cat, rather than to her own wrist. The Vaidya on the other side of the curtain heard the beat of the pulse and realized what the queen was up to. He raised his voice and announced loud and clear, “It seems the queen has just eaten a dead rat. It seems she is also about to give birth to kittens!”

The queen was flabbergasted and had no choice but to own up. So instead of exposing the Vaidya, the queen exposed herself ! Whatever we do comes back to us in the same way. Life always comes around full circle. Like they say, one who digs a pit for another first falls into it himself !

The news once reported about an Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet, who didn’t pay enough postage on a letter bomb that he sent to someone. It came back with ‘Return to Sender’ stamped on it. Forgetting it was the bomb; he opened it and was blown to bits. Surely what goes around comes around!