The Three Friends

The Three Friends

In a small town, there lived three friends. Most of the time, they hung around together. There was a wise man that came to stay in the town. There were rumours that every morning the wise man would donate something to who so ever came his way. So the poor and needy started vying for an opportunity to go to the wise man’s house on some pretext or the other.

The three friends came to hear about this rather benevolent man and each of them decided to go and try his luck. Early next day the first one, knocked at the door of the wise man and said, “Sir! I have heard that you donate something every morning. Why don’t you give me fifty rupees?” The man knitted his eyebrows and said, “Why? Why should I give you fifty rupees? Do you think I can give gifts to any Tom, Dick or Harry who comes my way? Tell me why I should help you? Are you in need?” The lazy fellow was quite taken aback at this furor of questions? He said, “No, no it’s okay. If you don’t want to give anything, I’ll go back. I just thought you are in the habit of giving, so …” The wise man said, “Here, take ten rupees. Off you go.”

The next day, the second fellow went to the house of the wise man to try his luck. As the wise man came out, this fellow put on a pitiable expression and said, “Oh great man! I have heard of your bounteous nature and affable disposition. I am a person down trodden by fate, please take pity on me. I have to perform my daughter’s marriage, please help me.” The wise man heard out the man and gave him a good amount of money. It was enough to perform a decent marriage and also provide sustenance to this lazy fellow for a good period of time.

Come morn and the third friend knocked on destiny’s door to try his luck. The wise man opened the door to find this man standing in front of him with folded hands and a pleasant smile spread across his suntanned face. The wise man said, “Yes my friend, what can I do for you?” This man just bowed and said, “I have heard that you are a great soul. I just came to have your darshan and seek your blessings. I don’t have anything else to ask for.” The owner of the house led his humble visitor inside and sat him down close to himself. He offered him food and talked to him at length. He heard him out to know about his life and his problems; big and small. He kind of took a fancy to him and gave him a room to stay in his own house. He gave him some work whereby he could earn a decent salary to make him comfortable. He looked after his needs and problems for all times to come.

Dear Reader, pause here for a moment and think thus:
The wise man is God. All of us are like one of these three friends. Which one do you identify with? Which one do you think you should emulate? It’s easy to just flip the page and go to the next story. But please do take out time for introspection! We all need it! It is futile to even ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to even MOVE your feet!

Day in and day out, we are faced with situations wherein we have to act or react tactfully. In this case the first friend had only greed on his mind. The second one tapped the softer instincts in the man. Whereas only the third one, went to offer reverence without asking for anything … and he got everything!