The Three Icons!

Once into a king’s court, the Raja guru brought three icons with an intention of testing the abilities of the courtiers. Those icons were identical human forms. He announced that those who could decide the best among the three would be rewarded generously. Many People came forward, but failed to decide.

The Minister then came forward holding a small wire in his hand. He inserted the wire in the ears of the icons, one after the other, and finally declared one of them as the best. While all the members of the court were wondering about the basis of his decision, the king asked the minister to prove it.

The minister explained thus; ‘Oh King! I tested these three icons with this piece of wire. When the wire was inserted into the ear of this icon, it came out from the other ear. It means that the icon stands for a person who listens through one ear and lets out through the other. Such a person is meanest. The wire came out from the mouth in the case of the second icon. It means the icon represents a person who parrots out to others about what he hears. This is the trait of an average man. He himself may not be benefiting, but his words may benefit some one in the society. Coming to the third icon! In its case, the wire did not come out after being inserted into its ear. It stands for a person who absorbs in his heart what he hears, and makes it useful to society through his actions; and thus he is an ideal person. Therefore, this third icon is considered to be the best among the three. The Minister was of course rewarded by the king generously.