The Unknown Helper

The great German philanthropist, Oberlin, was one day caught in a blinding snowstorm. He could not see a thing in front of him. He cried out for help but his shrieks were lost in the angry wind. Exhausted he dropped down unconscious on the snow.

A peasant happened to pass by and, finding a fellow human lying unconscious on the snow, carried him in his arms to the warmth of his hut. There Oberlin revived.

Looking into the eyes of his saviour, he said, “You have saved my life. I want to give you a rich reward.”

“A reward? What for?” asked the peasant in surprise. “I saw a fellow human being in distress and brought him to my hut. I have only done my duty.”

“At least tell me your name,” pleaded Oberlin.

The peasant smiled. “Tell me, friend, is the name of the Good Samaritan mentioned anywhere in the Bible?

Oberlin pondered for a minute, then answered, “No, it is not.”

“Then,” said the peasant, “let me withhold mine.”