The Ways Of The Divine

Once when Prahalad was eleven, he saw flames and smoke coming from a distant place. When he went closer he saw that a potter had put mud pots in the fire for baking. The potter was praying with folded hands:

“Oh Lord! Now it is not in my hands and if you desire then nothing is impossible for you. Oh God! Please be kind. I’m careless but you are generous. The ocean of kindness! Only you can take care of my mistake. No matter how bad I am but I am yours. Everything is possible with your grace. You can save those innocent kittens.”

The potter was bowing repeatedly. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He was praying fervently. The flames around the pots were increasing. Prahalad went near him and asked: “What is the matter? What are you saying?”

The Potter said, “I made the pots and kept them in the fire to bake. A cat had given birth to some kittens in the pot. I’d thought that I would remove them before starting the fire, but I forgot. The kittens were left in there. Nothing is in my hands. God can take care of my mistake if He desires. He can save the little ones.

Prahalad exclaimed, “This is madness! How can the kittens remain alive in such a fire?”

The Potter replied, “Yes prince! God can do anything. He is the one who can transform a small seed into a huge tree. Is this not a glimpse of God’s divine action? A cow eats dry grass and produces sweet white milk. The oily butter comes out of that. The snake drinks the milk but produces venom. There is no end to the divine action (Leela) of God.”

Prahalad said, “I want to see how ends. Call me when the pots are baked and you open them up.”

Next morning Prahalad reached that place. The potter meditated for a few minutes and then as he removed the hot pots one by one, they found four pots which were not baked at all. These pots were still wet. As soon as he touched these pots, the kittens jumped out mewing merrily.

The spiritual thoughts that lay dormant in the mind of Prahalad were awakened. He realized that God is the only essence of life. He started his journey on the road to God.