The Wind And The Sun!

The wind and the sun once had an argument as to who was the stronger of the two. They agreed to settle the issue by holding a contest. Whoever could make a traveller take off his coat first would be recognized as the most powerful.

The wind said he would try first and blew with all his might until he stirred up a blast as cold and fierce as an Alaskan storm. The stronger he blew, however, the tighter the traveller wrapped him coat around him and clasped it hard with his hands.

Then the sun broke out and with his warm, welcome beams he dispersed the clouds and the cold. The traveller felt the sudden warmth. As the sun shone brighter and brighter, it became hotter and hotter, the man overcame by heat, threw his coat on the ground.

The sun was declared the winner. Indeed the sunshine of a kind and gentle demeanour will sooner open a man’s heart than all the threats and force of mustering authority.

Persuasion has always been held in higher esteem than force.

The pen they say is mightier than the sword ! A smile has more power than a frown!