The Wood Cutter & Faith!

There was a woodcutter, once who collected and bundled a heavy load of fuel one day, since he needed extra money that day. On the jungle track, he waited long for someone who could help to lift the load on his head. Pining over his tragic poverty he cursed his fate. He prayed pathetically to Yama, the God of Death. “Why have you forgotten me? Take me into your custody. End this miserable life”. And Yama appeared in answer to the call. “Come, I shall take you to my Kingdom”, Yama said. The wood cutter replied, “Not so soon, my dear friend. But, you can do me another service. Please lift this bundle of fuel and place it on my head.”

Most Sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) today are only acting the part and pretending to be spiritually progressing. Their prayers and petitions to the Lord rise, not from the heart, but only from the lips. If the Lord takes them at their word and presents Himself before them offering them the Liberation they demand, they start stuttering and shivering. “Lord! I asked for Liberation, only as a repetitive formula. I do not desire Liberation, if it involves deserting my wife and children and my hard earned wealth. Confer this gift on me, after my death. That would be more welcome”.

Prayers must not emanate only from the lips; it does not have the ring of sincerity and faith. From the lips, it must roll back on the tongue; from the tongue, it must reach down into the heart. Continuous purification alone can grant success in this effort. Just as the mother who is attending to her chores on the first floor of the house, will quickly rush to the infant lying on the ground floor when the infant wails, God will rush to your aid. The mother will not stay away because the wail was not musical or melodious. Similarly, God always responds to prayer that emanates from your heart.