The World Is A Reflection Of You

Baba told this story when we were at Kodaikanal. Once a man fainted on the side of the road and was unconscious for a long time. An alcoholic saw the man lying on the side of the road and thought, “Well, I am lucky, I know what amount of alcohol to consume. That fellow must have consumed too much of liquor.”

A little later, a person suffering from fits happened to see the man. He thought, “Well I am lucky, I have my fits at my work place or at home. Unfortunately this man had an attack here.

Sometime later, two thieves came along and said, “Well, we are lucky, it was raining last night and this thief must have fallen and hurt himself. What bad luck!”

Later a holy man happened to pass that way. He raised his two hands and said, “Well, what a lucky man! This man must be a great sage, to go in to Samadhi on the side of the road. I will not go away from here without getting his blessings. I will massage his feet till he comes out of Samadhi.”

So he sat on the side of the road and began massaging the man’s feet.

The point that Baba made here is that each of us relates to the world in terms of what we are. If we are good, we see the world as good. If we are bad, we see the world as bad. Nothing is wrong with the world