Three Commandments For A Sanyasi

Maharaja Gopichand was ruling his state in which he had all the comforts. Guru Gorakhnath came there and was preaching. The Maharaja heard his sermons, was deeply transformed, and decided to take sanyas. He said to his mother, “I want to take sanyas.”

His mother being a wise lady, said, “If you have determination, you may do so. But before doing it, stay with your guru for sometime. If you get peace of mind, then go ahead.”

Gopichand left alone with his Guru. He found peace in meditation and changed into saffron clothes and became a Sanyasi. After roaming in different kingdoms he came to his kingdom and went to the palace with a begging bowl chanting “Alakh Niranjan!”

His mother heard his voice and came running to the gate and said, “Oh Gopi!”
Gopichand forwarded his bowl and said, “Mother! I am a beggar and have come for alms.”

The mother thought for a while and said, “Wait for a while, I will give you alms.” She went inside and brought three grains of rice and put them in his begging bowl, one by one.

Gopichand saw those grains with surprise and said, Mother! I have not understood the meaning of this”.

The mother said, “I am your mother. These are three commandments for you. The first is that you should remain secure and safe, as you were here.”
“But how is it possible? I have no soldiers, no fort now to protect me”, said Gopichand.

The mother said, “There is no need for soldiers, but remember that the vices of sex, anger, greed, attachment and pride are on the prowl. To save yourself from them you should build a fort of satsang, pure food, and pure conduct. Then none will be able to harm you.”
“And what is the second commandment?” asked Gopichand.
The mother said, “You should eat your food in the jungle with the same taste as you ate here in the palace.” “How is it possible?” asked Gopichand.

The mother said, “After a day’s wandering, yoga and meditation, you will feel a great appetite and appetite is the best sauce. You will enjoy your food.”

“And what is the third commandment?” asked Gopichand. The mother said, “In the palace you had a legion of servants to serve you and maid servants to sing you to sleep. Now also you should sleep soundly.”
“How will it be possible?” asked Gopichand.
“When you have pure thoughts and devote your time to yogasana and meditation, you will get tired and have sound sleep. We get sound sleep when we are tired.”

Truly everything is about controlling the monkey mind. If that is tamed, everything else falls in line.