Together With Trinity!

Together With Trinity!

Together with Trinity “Someday, one has to give up everything and leave, alone and empty handed. This is the inescapable destiny.” (BHAGWAN BABA)

Unusual though it may seem, a man once asked his young son who was a devout follower of Lord Brahma to pray to Lord Brahma for granting immortality to the father. The son replied, “If you wish to become immortal father, I shall surely pray to Lord Brahma for you.”

So the young boy performed severe austerities and penance, till Lord Brahma appeared before him and asked him, “My child, I am pleased with your devotion. What is it that you desire?” The boy folded his hands and offered obeisance at the Divine feet of the Lord and replied, “Oh Lord! Your darshan has given me so much happiness that I have no desire for myself. But please grant a boon for my father.” “What is it, my dear?” “Please, make my father immortal!”

The Lord smiled and said, “I am the creator. If you want that your father should never meet his end, you shall have to go to Lord Shiva, for He is the destroyer.” So the boy and his father accompanied by Lord Brahma, went to Kailash Parvata to seek an audience with Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva said, “I do perform the act of destruction, but granting immortality is not in my hand, for that you shall have to please Lord Vishnu. He is the one who preserves and protects.” So the boy, his father, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, all went to see Lord Vishnu, the protector and preserver of life! On the way they met Narada, who went along with them too. Just as they reached and stood together in the dazzling presence of Lord Vishnu, the boy’s father collapsed and died. Tears welled in the boy’s eyes. He pleaded, “Lord Vishnu, I came to beg you to grant immortality to my father. And he has died in your very Divine presence, even before I got the chance to place my request before you. Why, my Lord? Why did you do this to my father?”

Lord Vishnu said, “Calm down my child.” Lord Vishnu signalled for the life record of the dead man to be brought. The last line in it said, “The point in time when the Trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, meet in the presence of this man, his son and Narada; shall determine the time of his death!”

Lord Vishnu said, “Son, the congregation of all of us together has resulted in the death of your father. It is the pre-destined moment of his death, which led to the happening of things that made all of you come here. Whatever is destined to happen has to happen. No one can elude death. Go in peace! You have done your best but you cannot change your father’s destiny!”

The will of God always prevails. Man can make efforts but the fruits of labour are always in His hands.

During a discourse, Baba said, “An old man was once warned that there was a cobra on the roadside of the path he proposed to walk through. But he said, he had never seen it and so he did not believe it. Unfortunately for him, he did believe in it later, after it bit him. But then, it was too late to benefit from the information that he had heard earlier. Several leaders had to acknowledge that there is destiny that shapes events in lives, irrespective of individual efforts. Know that everyone has to come to the same conclusion, sooner or later – for, there is a limit to the capacity of the individual to control events in the world. Beyond that, there is an Unseen Hand that takes over the wheel of events. One may call it Destiny, another may call it Providence and the third may call it God – the Names do not matter. What matters is your humility, your ability to wonder, and sense of awe at the grandeur and magnificence of Divinity.”