Try It .... It Works !

There is a true story of a couple that had five daughters. The man died leaving behind his wife to bring up the daughters. The eldest was 8 years old and the youngest was only 6 months old. In India, the joint family system is still prevalent in many communities. The brothers of the deceased husband along with their wives and children also lived in the same house.

Life was very tough for the wife. She could not possibly go out to work, for there was no one to tend to her children. She was lucky her husband had left behind some property that gave her a good rental income, so she had something to rely upon. But, her husband’s brothers and sisters-in-law made her a target for taunts. Everyone would talk to her in a despising manner. She tried hard to maintain her dignity and keep her lips sealed, but it was hard not to retort back. Everything that she ever did was always branded: ‘wrong’.

One day, an 80 years old man, who was the uncle of her late husband, came to visit. In a span of half an hour he was able to judge her plight. He called her aside and said, “You are like my own daughter. God alone can improve the situation around you. Listen to me, every time anyone scolds you or abuses you, look not at his face, but at his feet. And say in your heart, “Dear God, they say you reside in every one. Why are you standing in front of me in this ugly form? Let me see you in your real form. Show me a pleasing form”.

The lady was not sure whether what the old man said, would make a difference, but she decided to give it a try… quietly. One episode after another … She was able to diffuse the anger and hatred of everyone around her. She had started viewing the presence of God in everyone. So, God was always in her, with her and around her.
If you think it’s a farce, try it…. it works!