Twin Pussycats

Twin Pussycats

Maano and Raano were twin pussycats. One day they found a stale Roti on the road. Maano saw it, but before she could pick it up, Raano had already grabbed it. The twins fought over the Roti. Mano said, “I saw it first; it belongs to me.” Raano said, “But I picked it up before you, its mine.”

The verbal fight gave way to screeching and scratching. A monkey happened to be watching. He said, “Dear cats, if you like I can help you to settle this matter.” The cats agreed to let him mediate. The monkey said, “I shall break the Roti into two halves and give a piece to each one of you.”

The cats gave the Roti to the monkey and he tore it into two parts. He looked at the two pieces and said, “This one looks a little bigger than that one.” He bit off a small portion from the bigger piece. Now the other piece was bigger. So he ate a small portion from the second piece. Now the first piece was bigger. So he further took a bite from the first piece. Another couple of bites later, only two tiny bits of Roti were left. The monkey said, “What a shame it would be to give these tiny bits of rotis to you, my dears.” The monkey tossed both the pieces into his mouth and swung up to the branch hanging above. Soon he was out of sight.

This is not just a story for children. All around us, we see people fighting. Brothers fight over property, women fight over the ‘why’s’ of things said and done. Children fight over toys and chocolates. Men fight for power and position; name and fame … If you want to fight there are reasons aplenty. But eventually is this what we live for?

Alexander the Great fought many battles to conquer lands for wealth and power. But when he was dying he told his people, “When I am dead and you are to carry my corpse for the funeral, see that you place my hands such that they hang out on either side of my body; so that everyone can see that I have left this world empty handed. I have amassed so much wealth but can not take anything with me. No one can take any material thing along. This is the ultimate truth.”

Family fights are very common in our society. Whenever there is discord in a family, the third party usually benefits. Eventually the family is the loser. Family matters are best settled in the family. Outsiders usually breathe trouble, worsen the muddle and party on the rubble!