Two Seas In Palestine!

There are two seas in Palestine. they are both very different.

One is called the Sea of Galilee. It is a large lake with clean fresh water which you can drink. Fish and people swim in it. It is surrounded by green fields and gardens. Many people have built their homes near it. Jesus sailed across it many times.

The other big body of water is called the Dead Sea and it really lives upto its name. Everything about it is dead. The water is so salty that you would get sick from trying to drink it. It has no fish. Nothing grows along its banks. No one wants to live anywhere near its unpleasant smell.

The interesting thing about both these bodies of water is that the same river flows into both of them.

So what makes the difference? Just this: one receives and gives; the other receives and keeps.

The Jordan River flows into the top of the Sea of Galilee and out the bottom.

The lake uses the water and then passes it on for others to use. The Jordan then flows into the Dead Sea and never flows out again.

The Dead See selfishly keeps it only for itself. This makes it dead. It gets but never gives.