Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown!

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown!

“Be like a trustee, so far as family, riches, reputation, knowledge and skills are concerned. Leave them gladly aside, when the call comes.” (BHAGWAN BABA)

Like all kings, this one’s head too lay uneasy. There were unending matters of state that needed to be administered, solved, nurtured etc. The king was wise and just. He was hardworking and well respected by his people. But one day he just fell so hapless and tired of being overworked that he wanted to get away from it all.

He went to his Guru and pleaded, “I am tired of this never ending routine of solving people’s problems. However many I dispose of, a greater number of problems is ready and demanding my attention, the next day. The tension and enormity of it all is killing me. I want to just lead a simple life, like a commoner.

The Guru said, “So, what is stopping you? Leave the kingdom and go away! “That will make the problem worse! Who will run the empire?” asked the king.

“If you are so concerned about the well-being of the empire, give it to your son, while you live your own kind of life.”

“My son is too immature, he wouldn’t know how to run it,” said the king despairingly.

“Then gift it to me, while you make a life just as you wish to,” said the Guru, matter-of-factly.

The king said, “Hmmm. Okay, I think this is a good idea.” So the kingdom was formally handed over to the Guru and the king was a free man.

The king got up to take leave; he took a few steps towards the palace. The Guru, stopped him saying, “Where are you going now?”

The king said, “I’m going to the palace to get some money. I will go away to a far off land and start a small business to earn a livelihood.” The Guru said, “The Kingdom now belongs to me, you cannot take any money from there.”

The king looked thoughtful. Then he said, “In that case, I shall have to look for a job.”

The Guru smiled and said, “In case you are looking for a job, I offer you the job of running the kingdom for me. You have the requisite work experience. I won’t get a better caretaker than you. What do you say?” The king said, “Okay. I’ll take the job.” The Guru continued, “Go and run the kingdom on my behalf. Remember that you don’t own anything. I shall pay you a salary, but nothing shall belong to you.”

So the king went back and began to run the empire as the Guru’s caretaker. Some months later the Guru came to the palace and asked the king how he was doing. The king looked very happy. He said, “Now, I am able to solve everybody’s problems, without any tension. I worry about nothing, because nothing belongs to me. I just do my job and plan no further. I work hard all day and sleep well all night. I am a very happy man now.”

This is what Bhagwan Baba tells us. He says that you are not the doer. Everything is done by Him. He just uses you as His instrument. Nothing belongs to you. Everything is God’s. You just get to use it for some time or for a life time. When it is time for you to leave, you have to leave everything behind.

As long as we believe that ‘I’ am everything, there is no peace. As soon as we dissolve the ‘I’ into ‘Him’ everything just falls into place in an instant.