United We Win

A sparrow once laid her eggs on the seashore. Soon the babies hatched. But a very high tide carried the babies into the sea. The mother sparrow cried all day long. Then all the sparrows gathered together and decided, “Let’s fill in the sea with sand and rescue the babies. Millions of sparrows came together. Each one would dip its beak in the sea and fill it with seawater and then throw it into the shore. Every sparrow would then pick up a grain of sand or a small pebble and throw it into the see.

Narad happened to pass that way. He saw millions of sparrows and so asked, “What are all of you doing?” The sparrows said, “The sea has taken away our babies and so we’re filling the sea in”. Narad was astonished at their efforts and faith. He at once went to Vaikunth. The lord asked Narad about the latest happenings on earth. Narad answered the Lord in a loud voice so that Garuda could hear, “The human race is getting along well, but rot has set in amongst the birds.”

Garuda heard this and asked, “Narad, why do you speak ill of my race? What has happened amongst my people?” Narad explained, “millions of sparrows have united and are trying to save the babies of one sparrow by filling in the ocean. They’re working tremendously hard. You yourself belong to the bird race. You should join their efforts. Your not helping them is the rot and disunity I’m talking about!”

Garuda at once went to the seashore. He filled one of his wings with sand and pushed it into the sea. With each push he filled an enormous amount of sea. The sea became worried, “Garuda will completely fill me in a minute!” He thought to himself. He took a human shape and came before Garuda and folded his hands in humility. Garuda said, “Give the babies back”. The sea at once gave the babies back.

It was because the sparrows were united that Garuda joined their efforts and the sea was humbled. The sea, the Garuda filled in is today known as the Bhal region of Gujarat. The water there is salty even today.

If we have unity amongst ourselves the Lord is sure to join our efforts.