Unusual Marksman

A King was passing through a small town, and he saw indications of amazing marksmanship everywhere. Trees and barns and fences, had circles painted on them with a bullet hole in the exact Centre.

He asked to see this unusual marksman. It turned out to be a ten-year old child.
“This is incredible,” said the King in wonder.
“How in the world do you do it?”
“Easy!” was the answer.
“I shoot first and draw the circles later.”

We get our conclusions first and build our premises around them later. We listen not to discover, but to find something that confirms our own thoughts.

We argue, not to find the truth, but no boast about our knowledge. Eventually it teaches us nothing.

Sharpen your skills such that they become life skills. Of what use is a skill that appears to make you a hero, but actually makes only a zero!