Value Of Love

Kripa had become old. His body had become infirm and weak. Sorrow and age had wrought havoc on his face and dulled his vision. He had lost his only son in a battle. The pain had been too much to bear and he had lost the will to live. One afternoon, a visitor knocked at his door and said “I was also a soldier in your son’s army regiment. I was with him when he died. The bullet that was meant for me, actually hit him, because he came in the way. I owe my life to him. I have painted a portrait of your son, please accept it as a gift.” Kripa was a connoisseur of art. The walls of his beautiful house were adorned with masterpieces of great value, but this one touched his heart. It was put above the mantelpiece in a place of honour.

Many years later, Kripa passed away. All his close relatives and friends attended the cremation. His lawyer had his Will that was to be read out after the cremation. The lawyer said, “Before I read out the Will regarding the inheritance of the property, I have special instructions regarding his most valuable property, i.e. his collection of masterpieces. I have orders to put up for auction, this portrait of his son first of all”. So saying, the old lawyer put up the portrait of the deceased son that had been presented by the soldier. There were no takers. Again and again the lawyer called out for someone to name a price, but no one wanted the crudely painted picture. The old family gardener came forward, rummaged through his worn out pockets and said, “I can pay Rs.27/- for it.” The lawyer counted “One…. Two…. Three…. Gone. The portrait is yours Sir.” Then he reached into his pocket and took out an envelope, cut it and pulled out the Will. It stated, “The entire collection of paintings shall be inherited by the buyer of my son’s portrait. The rest of the property may be handed over to the Chief of Army and used for setting up an orphanage for the orphans of war.” That was the end of the Will.

So it is with the Lord. If only we show love towards those whom He loves, He showers upon us His choicest treasures and blesses us with His grace.