Walking With Jesus

Walking With Jesus

Jesus was looking at the horizon standing by the seashore. The sun was rising and the canvass of the sky was painted beautifully with the warm colours of the rising sun. The cool breeze from the restless waters played with the golden curls resting on the shoulders of the Son of God.

A disciple came and asked Him, “Lord, how is it possible for you to walk on the waters without falling through, whereas if we so much as try, we sink and go right through the waters in a second.” Jesus smiled softly and said, “That is so because I have faith in my heart and the courage of conviction, so I can walk on the water just as a boat dances on it.” The disciple replied, “Master! My faith has been unwavering since I have seen you.”

Then Jesus took his hand and said, “In that case, come and we shall walk together.”

Both of them walked over the waters undeterred and calm. All of a sudden, a mighty wave loomed in front of them. Jesus rose with the wave and rode it effortlessly, but the disciple began to drown and he screamed for help. Jesus looked down at him and said, “What happened, why did you slip, my child?”

With fear in his heart and tears streaming into the salty ocean, he answered shakily, “Lord! The sight of the huge wave shook me, I thought it was going to sweep me away, I was overcome with fear and I started sinking. Help me, save me Lord!”

Jesus sighed and said, “When your heart is filled with fear, there is no place for belief. If only you had thought of the Lord of the waves and not the waves alone….”

Fear makes faith disappear as the morning dew disappears in the warmth of the Sun. Self confidence is all the confidence one needs. Baba tells us that Truth has no fear; Untruth shivers at every shadow.