We’Ll Manage Without Him!

A man very much wanted to renounce the world but he claimed that his family loved him too much to let him go.

“Love?” said his Guru. “That isn’t love at all. Listen.” And he revealed a yogic secret to the disciple whereby he could simulate the state of death. The next day the man was dead to all outward appearances and the house rang with the cries and wailing of his family.

The Guru then showed up and told the weeping family that he had the power to bring the man back to life if someone could be found to die in his place. Any volunteers?

To the “corpse’s” astonishment every member of the family began to bring forth reasons as to why it was necessary to keep their own lives. His wife summed up the sentiments of all with the words, “There’s really no need for anyone to take his place. We’ll manage without him.”

No body loves you so much as they love themselves. It is only God who is capable of loving unconditionally. Don’t mistake worldly love for Divine Live!